Understanding the code

Hey maker, welcome to ShipSwiftly 👋Here's a quick overview of the boilerplate. Follow along to get your app up and running.Once you're done, start with the next pages to launch your project in 5 minutes. Let's build that startup, FAST ⚡️

Note: There are comments all across the code to help you understand it more. These are split in 3 different marks: Todo, example, note.

  1. TODO: These comments highlight the parts of the code that you need to edit to first configure it, or to write some code based on your needs.

  2. Example: These comments show you how to implement some pre-made components for better code understanding

  3. Note: These codes highlight places that you can uncomment to add them to your code immediately if you need them, or facts that you should be aware of in your code.

You can find all the things you need to do in the code by searching "TODO" in the code, with Command + SHIFT + F to browse in all the files, or Command + F to browse the actual file you're in.

Starting off with the boilerplate: Open the terminal, head up to Desktop with "cd Desktop" and run this line:

git clone https://github.com/Shipswiftly/shipSwiftly.git [YOUR_APP_NAME]

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