Setting up revenueCat

Setting the payment provider for subscriptions

Jump in , create an account and Create a new project. This is free of charge like the rest of the features included in the app.

Once you are in, there are a few settings that you need to fill:

In order to find these, we need to log in appstoreconnect, under Users and Access. Create a new key and download the p8 file. Do not modifiy its name. Drop it in the field on revenueCat, and add the issurer ID as you can find it in Integrations.

RevenueCat is now set ! All you need to do now is to add your subscriptions there. You can follow this video from minute 4 to minute 20:

If you need further help with this, you can reach me on

Once you have added everything needed, there is one last step. Add your revenueCat private key to your app. You can find it here:

Place it in the AppDelegate file on your app in xcode.

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